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My Strangest Challenge Yet...

By Blushingantics @BlushingAntics
Today I will be discussing a goal that pertains to something I struggle with: popping pimples. Even though every published piece of advice probably mentions that it is a bad idea to pop pimples, I have probably popped 3/4 of the pimples I have ever had. I know, it's gross. I hope you can get past that fact because the next part is less gross.
I plan to stop popping my pimples in the month of April. Now, that doesn't mean I'll start up again on May 1, but it does mean that I will be making the conscious effort to stop picking at my pimples. This will prevent the spread of bacteria and it will prevent my skin from becoming irritated. Lovely, right?
I apologize for not posting in a while. I hope to have an empties and updated favorites post up soon!
What bad beauty habits are you trying to break?

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