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My Safe Haven..

By Mollylouise
I've seem so many people posting picture's of their bedrooms. So, I'd thought I'd join in.My room is my place. The place to hide away from the troubles of school and life in general. I spent 90% of my life in here. Whether it is revising for upcoming exams or daydreaming. I spend so much effort making my room my place. My safe haven..This has got to be my favorite part of my room. It has basically all my possessions. Lush products and hair products. How cute are these little drawers?
My safe haven..Close up of my Lush stuff. Shame I'm running low on bath bombs.
My safe haven..My Bed. Where all the blogging takes place.
My safe haven..Just everyday items sitting. So much peach and mango scented items a person can take. Plus a gorgeous can of deodorant and safe home for my channel changers. My safe haven..A little collage of my role model to make me happier when I have tough days.
My safe haven..
\You can probably tell I'm quite cluttered but I think that adds to the beauty of my room.
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