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My Quest for Fitness – Testing the Famous Quest Bar

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver

Quest bars

Every now and then a blogger opportunity comes along that has me practically biting the PR’s arm off to get my hands on the product. The Predator Nutrition megabox of Quest Bars was one of these – I’d heard endlessly from the teenager in the house about how great Quest Bars were.

Predator Nutrition had offered to find me some products to support my training goals. At the time I was doing endurance training – as most of us currently are (apologies to friends in the southern hemisphere, but hey, you have the sun and regattas to console you) and Predator said they thought Quest Bars would be just the ticket.

I won’t deny I was a tiny bit dubious. I often find that protein bars don’t sit lightly in the stomach, and hour-long ergs don’t mix well with a queasy digestion. One of the main things I get wrong with early evening training is how much to eat beforehand. Too little and I’m weak as a kitten. Too much and I’m turning green by the end of the warm-up.

I needn’t have worried. Quest Bars turned out to be astonishingly light on the stomach. I even survived an unscheduled sprint session an hour after eating one, which with most brands would have had me heaving over the side of the boat.

The reason, when you look at the ingredients, though, isn’t hard to see. They are super-high quality, contain no sugar, lots of real ingredients and a fair amount of fiber. They are, in short, a classy product.

What about the taste, though? Well that got the thumbs up, too. They have a slightly fudgey consistency which I liked, and although there wasn’t as much of a difference between the various flavours as I’d expected, they definitely fell into the treat category. My favourites, in case you’re curious, were the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Peanut Butter Supreme. Hey, I never claimed to be sophisticated.

Quest Bars aren’t the cheapest – they come in at between 80p and £1 each when you buy a box – but if you’re looking for a light, good quality protein bar, you really can’t go far wrong with these. Highly recommended.

Quest Bars are available in various flavours from Predator Nutrition. They were a gift from Predator, but my review is honest and independent.

You may, incidentally, have spotted the pre-workout packets in the picture too, which were sent as a bonus. I found them a bit too caffeinated for my evening training so stopped using them (when you’re still buzzing at midnight something’s not quite right) but I know a lot of people swear by them.

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