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My Partner In Crime Turns Five

By Roopz @Roopakutty

My Partner In Crime Turns FiveI wonder how many hours I stared before my laptop to scribble. Yet, I am not sure what to write about my past. Now its official- my blog completed five years! Am I excited? I’m supposed to be so. But I regret for spoiling VOICE OF A VILLAGE GIRL with utter silence for many months.From the valley of elephant hills, I began a journey with this sphere of mine. Many encouraged while most of the people discouraged. A couple of people told me I boast so much on the subject of blogging. I am not sure of it anyway. As years passed, same ones advised me not to stop writing.Indeed, I was a common name in blogosphere. I must admit it was a late realization. The best known blogger of Malayalam, Mr. Berly Thomas once told me he have visited village girl’s blog when I gave him my blog link. He told me many have referred my blog and that’s how he’d reach here. He warned me not to make this blog standstill. Sincerely speaking, I was so happy and overjoyed to get complements from such a blogger celebrity.If you ask me to describe how special my blog is, I’d be confused. My lover, admirer, listener, promoter, friend…! I nurtured from ashes to a somehow good looking blog suffering great pain. I had fights, smiles and tears with my blog. It knows me more than anyone else. It had helped me to hide emotions between words. But I was never faithful. I rarely looked in after three years. Today I regret. My Indiblogger status, Google Rank and followers count are sinking.  I’m worried of its future. A successful product has been blemished for my personal grudges.Again, I must thank all those who stood by me during my good and bad days. Anjali Kumar, Meenakshi, Anees, Vibin Das… Names are lessening each year. Well, I’m all set for a comeback! I wish I could. There are a few more names to mention. Nevertheless they are not interested to hear it from me. Hmm… Relations still remain as my weakness. Happy birthday my love! Keep me moving as you know you are the best to motivate and promote my mind as well as thoughts. Live long…

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