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My Obsession with Peace Love and Harmony

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Peace Love HarmonyEver since I can remember, I have been obsessed with peace, love and harmony.  Not just the notion, because everyone on some level wants to obtain peace, love and harmony, on a personal level as well as a global level. I am obsessed with the actual words, peace, love and harmony, on top of the notion.  Ever since I was a girl, I have been writing peace, love and harmony, in words and in symbols, all over my possessions….notebooks, my backpack, my shoes…whatever I could think of.  Why the obsession, though?  Is it just a little girl’s beauty queen dream to obtain peace, love and harmony on a global scale?  Or is it something else?

I remember the words peace, love and harmony being present in my life as early as 6 years old.  In the house I grew up in, I remember writing the symbols on my ceiling in the corner by left hand window.  I remember signing all of my silly little children’s notes and pictures with my name and then the symbols of peace, love and harmony.  Everyone thought I was such a bright, happy child, and I was.  I continued to grow up, always loving my peace, love and harmony symbols and sharing my obsession with others.  I was always wearing peace sign clothes that my mom bought me from The Limited Too, because back then, the Limited Too was awesome!  Once I hit a certain age though, the thoughts of peace, love and harmony escaped my mind, and the thoughts of a teen set in.

Once the obsession of peace, love and harmony wore off in my teen years, I became an Emo loving, depressed, jeans and hoodies everyday, type of person. I hated the world and the sun.  I never wore makeup, didn’t care about life or the people around me.  I am even surprised I had a boyfriend in high school…I was such a Debbie Downer.  I forgot about the happy little girl who loved peace, love and harmony, and I continued to be bogged down by society‘s expectations.  By the time I graduated high school,  I was in a desperate state.  I only lasted 1 semester at a large, expensive college. I turned to alcohol and men.  I did whatever I could to forget who I was, and just go on with who I was at that time.  I coasted on this way for years, falling in and out of love, depression, and alcoholism.  One day though, I finally woke up.

I realized that I was trying to become something that I wasn’t.  I was always a happy person, until those rebellious teen years.  Once I matured though, I opened my eyes to the fact that I was being pressured by my peers, family, friends and leaders to forget the child hood dream of being at peace with the world, love everyone, and achieve harmony within your environment.  Once I found my long-lost obsession of peace, love and harmony, that was buried under all of the social obligations the world put on me, my problems started to fall away. I finally found my calling in life.  I write peace, love and harmony on a daily basis, to remind me of what I rediscovered about myself.  I started this blog to spread the word of peace, love and harmony.  I also plan to start a jewelry line based off of my obsession so people can physically feel peace, love and harmony.  I feel like a child all over again.

Instead of trying to conform to what society begs of us, we should grasp what we were born with.  I know I was born with the obsession of peace, love and harmony for a reason.  I was born to bring peace to human beings, spread love where ever I can, and teach others how to obtain harmony within their lives. Never dismiss your inner child, for it could be what saves you as an adult.

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