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My Little Secret. I Introduce to You… Prosper.

By Scarlettandstephen

I don’t really know the proper way to announce this.

A part of me feels like today I’m giving birth and handing over my newborn baby in your hands.

A part of me is sooooooo excited because, whew, I’ve been been working soooooooooo hard on this for you… the past THREE years.

A part of me wants to throw up because, over my journey, I wrestled with God many times telling Him, “NO, I don’t want to do this, pick someone else.”

But yet… the day has come.

Every time I wanted to give up, you left a comment here on the blog or Facebook, or wrote an email and revealed your vulnerable heart to me that…

you… need… this.

And because of what you shared with me in your struggling words, you continued to inspire me to keep writing my words.  Thank you for being such an important part of what I’m now revealing.  Because really, you are the reason I write and muster up the courage to keep sharing here so publicly on the blog. Through both the good and bad times, you have been a friend who has stood in the gap of my faith when I needed it the most.  Now it’s my turn to do the same for you.

I don’t know how to introduce this to you other than showing you this video below.  It explains it all.


When you’re done watching, I invite you to visit to see all the rest of the details.

With 40 days until Easter, there’s no better time than now for you to begin your own journey.  And what’s funny is, when I chose this date weeks ago to launch this, I didn’t even realize the 40 days I’m asking you to commit to this, it was 40 days before Easter.  LOL, but that’s just how God works, isn’t it?

I present this to you with love and my prayers for you that God will use Prosper in a big way in your own photography business.  I’m praying in Jesus’ name on your behalf that He will show up and show off to bless you beyond what you could envision with your own business plans.

THE CHALLANGE?  Each day as you sit at your desk, for 40 days, the 1st thing I want you to do before anything else you do is open up my book and read one chapter.  Just one.  And they are quick reads.  (Yes, that means putting God before checking email or Facebook too!)

WHO IS IT FOR? You.  Me.  Everyone and anyone who has or hopes to have a photography business. Or you don’t really have to be a photographer, other creative business owners can relate to the up and down struggles of being an entrepreneur and trying to keep the faith in your dreams and your God.

THE POINT?  If you are ready for your 2012 to be different than your 2011, this is for you.  By placing God as the CEO of your photography business, and starting each day in prayer, you will learn to pray His will for your business, and those He wants you to serve through it for His glory.  It’s about learning to prosper according to His ways.

THE GUARANTEE?  There is none.  This is not about prospering with a get rich scheme, this is not a workshop in a box, or a genie in a bottle to grant all your wishes. This is not a buy this and you will have instant success and have 40,000 twitter followers.  What this is is simply a devotional guide to help you open communication through prayer with God about what He wants for your photography business, and how when we give Him control, the ways He is waiting to prosper your life beyond your wildest imagination.

I invite you to join me on this prosperous revolution.  Why?  Because I want you to succeed in all God has waiting for you as a photographer and a small business owner.  He doesn’t plant desires in our hearts without making big plans to bless those desires.  In Joshua 1:8, He has called His chosen ones to a Promised Land full of prosperity, not of worldly riches, but in other inconceivable ways He is waiting to bless you and your photography business with. But first, you must choose to believe to receive.  First, you must give him your focus and willingness to put Him first in your photography business.  Do you dare?

I’ve also started a private online community for Prosper where you can come together in a positive place to uplift, encourage and pray for each other.  I have learned, we can’t do things alone.  God does not want faith to be a personal thing, He wants it to be a community thing. I invite you to join all of us on the journey at:

 {Get your copy of Prosper here!}

From the bottom of my heart to yours…. May this bless you.

My little secret.  I introduce to you… Prosper.

{What others are saying}

“How could this young woman, at least 15 years my junior inspire someone like me?  After all, I had achieved much in my career. I finally got the opportunity to meet Scarlett through her “Spend a day with Scarlett” workshops a few years ago. She was all I had imagined she was. Energetic, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, creative and beautiful, and that hearty wonderful laugh of hers! I found myself trembling a bit. Me trembling? I mean, I’ve photographed celebrities! But Scarlett… she is GENUINE. And her FAITH is her LIGHT.

Scarlett is the real deal. She loves with her whole heart. But mostly she loves Jesus. She lives out loud. She isn’t afraid to be herself. She speaks from the heart and people listen. Boy, do they listen.

Throughout the pages of Prosper, she isn’t afraid to write about her faith and how God has guided her and blessed her and how she sometimes falls to her knees and prays for His guidance. She admits her mistakes. She admits she is human. She admits she is constantly striving to be better and to grow closer to the Lord.

In this wonderful book, which was taken from Scarlett’s personal journal entries, she has created a wonderful resource for photographers to aid them in navigating this complex, roller coaster world of owning and operating your own photography business. She uses scripture and her life experiences to help you to keep your faith and your sanity during your own exciting and often challenging times.”

DIXIE DOBBINS // Wichita Falls, TX


“This exciting industry can feel defeating if we don’t have leaders who are willing to be vulnerable. That is exactly why I am so elated that you have this book! In this devotional Scarlett is honest and down to earth about her struggles and success in a way that is relatable, applicable, and life giving.

I believe there is a movement beginning to stir where we as photographers who love the  Lord are binding together for encouragement, being bold about our faith, and seeing prosperous results. I believe Scarlett is a forerunner in this movement.

I couldn’t be more happy about Prosper and The Prosper Community. This is what you and I need! As an industry we need to look at the big picture and come together for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

I know this book will bless you, inspire you, move your business forward, and most importantly, bring you closer to our Lord.

Join the movement and read on!”

SARAH DESHAW // St. Simons Island, GA

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