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My Little Bookish Thoughts :)

By Fangirl_hostess @FanGirl_Hostess
I read on a post from a blog I follow (forgot which) that authors can buy their way to the New York Times Bestseller list.
And it got me thinking. I mean, I don't read a book just because it's a bestseller. But, I have been known to read a book that everyone is talking about. I do this because I want to be able to throw my own opinion in the mix, and I see no problem with that.
Now, that doesn't mean I go looking for the popular books, I just see them through blogs I follow sometimes. And sometimes their reviews make me want it more. Or maybe they posted an excerpt I liked. Or both. Sometimes I'll even buy a book based on an author interview, if it seems like the author is fun- the book will be too, right? Not always, but still.
Which makes me think of that saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover". But I do. All the time. If a book doesn't have a cover that appeals to me, nine times out of ten: I'll pass it up. Which isn't always right, but that doesn't stop me. I judge, we all do. If a book has a beautiful cover: I WILL GET IT.
Seriously, if I didn't do that.. I'd have, like, 20 books.
Now, do I READ all of the books I get? Well, let's be honest here. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I have QUITE the TBR pile. But that means that if I ever have time to read a random book off the shelves, I'll have variety. RIGHT? ;)
Another thing, I listen to music when I read. Why? Because, it blocks out any ringing phones and/or screams. Also, when reading a book: I fully expect to be teleported to another dimension. Can't do that if I hear something loud and disturbing. AND, music also helps when I start hating on the characters. I mean, how can you feel hate when you hear Fall Out Boy or Sara Bareilles (I'm listening to her as I type this, and when I clicked the music icon on my phone, Fall Out Boy began to sing "Tiffany Blews") singing with their gorgeous voices? You can't, RIGHT?!
What do you think? Any objections? :) Thanks for visiting!
My Little Bookish Thoughts :)
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