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My Leftover Challenge with Knorr

By Etspeaksfromhome
As a SAHM, I always plan our meals and try to make sure that nothing goes to waste.  But during the festive season, it is easy to go overboard and buy too much food, 'just in case'.I am so excited to join Mumsnet and Knorr to create my own recipes or to try out Knorr recipes to do this challenge.  I decided to make up my own recipes. My Leftover Challenge with KnorrThis New Year, we decided to have roast pork for lunch as Morrisons had a half price meat offer.  On New Years Eve, I marinated the pork meat with salt, pepper, dry herbs and inserted fresh pieces of garlic into the meat itself.  The next morning, I placed the whole pork meat into the middle of the oven tray at 180 degree for 3 hours.  In between, I turned the meat and placed the bacon on top of the meat an hour before it was ready.  I served it with mash potatoes and boiled vegetables.My Leftover Challenge with KnorrAs for gravy, I used a chicken gravy pot for myself and a beef gravy pot for my husband.  Both gravy pots are very easy to make.  Pour 280 ml of warm but not boiling water or meat juice into a small saucepan.  Add the gravy pot and whisk over a medium heat until dissolved.  Once dissolved, keep whisking and increase heat and bring to the boil.  Let it boil for one minute.  I am quite lazy and decided to use the microwave instead (45 second - 1 minute, Watts 900).  It came out to a nice consistency and was very flavoursome.  This is my first time using Knorr gravy pots.  We are very impressed with it!My Leftover Challenge with KnorrLater, we used the leftover meats to cook sweetcorn soup with pork.  To cook this, I used:1. a pot of Knorr chicken stock pot2. a tin of sweetcorns3. slices of leftover pork4. vegetable oil5. a bit of garlic6. finely chopped ginger7. cornflour dissolved in cold water8. dark soya sauce Dissolve the chicken stock pot with 500ml of water.  Gently fry the pork meats, garlic and ginger with the oil.  Add the tin of sweetcorn and chicken stock into it.  Add cornflour to thicken the soup.  You can also use egg as an option to thick the soup.  Add dark soya sauce for flavor.My Leftover Challenge with KnorrWe also used the vegetable stock pot to make pea soup with pork.  To cook this, I used:1. vegetable oil2. one finely chopped onion3. one large potato peeled and cut into small cubes4. salt and pepper5. frozen peas6. one vegetable stock pot7. 200ml semi-skimmed milk8. slices of leftover pork9. croutonsHeat the oil then add the onion and potato and season with salt and pepper. Make sure that the potato is well cooked and soft before adding the peas and vegetable stock to the pan. Using a blender to process it until very smooth. Add the milk and bring to boil. I added the pork into the soup to warm it up before I served them into the bowls. I also added croutons which are optional.My Leftover Challenge with KnorrI have always been very impressed with Knorr stock pots and had been using them for years.  Their pots are flavoursome and pack real flavor.  There are no artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives, colours and they are gluten free.  They dissolve easily and are easy to use.Have you used Knorr stock pots before?  What do you think about them?  What do you do with your leftovers, do you have any fantastic recipes to share?  If you run out of ideas, do pop over to Knorr's website for recipes and cooking ideas.
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