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My Last Post

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
After some thought I decided to let go of this blog and continue on a new direction. The main reason is that I lost my anonymity and now I don't "Tell" as much as I used to.
For example, I made no mention of the two months with The Russian which were very interesting, the fling with the Mexican Jock or the heart break with The Guitarist.
Now that blogging is so much part of my life, it's inevitable that my guys want to know more about what I write about, not to mention that I may feel a bit embarassed if 'so and so' read about my dating adventures. So I've been censoring myself a lot but with a name like "Date and Tell" what more could I write about? Good thing my friend Bree can still write about her experiences since nobody knows her!!
I love blogging and will keep doing it since I want to remain an active part of San Diego's Social Media and I'll leave my dating stories for the amusement of my close friends. If anything really funny happens I'll be sure to include it in my new blog.
Thanks to everyone who have read my posts and I'll see you on the new one: SD Ellie
OK, I'll leave with a silly story.
A few months ago I started getting text messages from someone I had met before but didn't remember him until he said he was an Asian guy, so I immediately remembered this guy from Malaysia that I met some time in 2010 but we lost touch.
At that time I wasn't interested since I was going out with The Russian, but after the heartbreak with the Guitarist I decided to text him and hopefully he could take my mind of that damn Guitarist.
We met for coffee and it turned out he was ANOTHER Asian guy I met before....I had completely forgot about him! How many people have I dated!!?? The meeting was a fiasco, it lasted no more than 10 minutes since he left when I mentioned I wasn't interested in a relationship (at least not with him!!)
The guy's in his late 20's but seemed too immature when it came to dating. Texting non-stop, asking silly questions like "Can I kiss you next time I see you? Do you want to kiss me? Did you like me? How many guys have you kissed?" and he would re-send the text if I didn't answer within yeah, wasn't interested then or now.
Here's the funny part, one thing that impressed me back then was that he told me he was in escrow to buy a house. Which makes him look impressive, stable, responsible, mature, the mind runs wild with the information. Now that I met him again a year and a half later....he's in escrow to buy a house! The guy's using that as a pick-up line!! That's a new one for the books!

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