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My In Laws Piss Me Off

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10044279 My In Laws Piss Me Off

An angry and upset mom messaged me today and wanted to share her dilemma with her in laws in the hope of receiving some support on how to handle the situation.

The Mum Writes; 

Oh my god my in laws piss me off.  I’m 32 weeks pregnant and they haven’t been round to see us once. My car got written off 4 months ago so I don’t have a car and every time I’ve asked for a lift  off the mother in law, she’s always too busy with some excuse or other.  Bear in mind I also have a serious heart condition and have been in hospital with a blood clot on my lung.

Anyways she said she’d help me decorate the nursery today but yet again another excuse!!

And to top it off the hubby doesn’t see the issue and is always doing favours for them and sticking up for them. Well they can all piss off in 6 weeks when the baby arrives.

My Advice;

Firstly I would sit down your husband and explain to him how his family are making you feel. He and they should be supporting you and I can understand why your so annoyed. It seems you and your husband do everything for them yet in return they are always too busy for you.

Perhaps if you are not able to talk face to face with your mother in law perhaps your husband could talk to them on your behalf.

At the end of the day they will be the ones to miss out when the baby does arrive. Its better to get these types of situations dealt with rather than allowing them to fester. You are angry and frustrated and this will only make you bitter towards them.

Sadly the in laws are not going anywhere so if you can resolve this it will make it easier for everyone.

Good Luck x

What advice would you give to this mum?

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