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My HTC One Experience

By Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
My HTC One Experience
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This story all starts with Apple changing the charging port on the bottom of their products (iPhones, iPods and iPads). Basically, I have always been a massive fan of Apple and I have always loved their products. However, recently I had just started to feel that they were just completely taking advantage of their loyal customers in order to make a few extra bucks. I mean I've had Apple products for about 7 years now at least.. I've had all the styles of iPod (nano, shuffle, touch and classic) and I've had an iPad mini and an iPhone. So as you can tell, over the years I have more than dished out my fair share of money to Apple. And so this is why, when apple changed their charging ports, rendering me and belles combined 3 docking stations useless unless we bought an auxiliary cable (which would mean our products wouldn't be charged on the stations) or unless we bought the adaptor port from the Apple store, something you'd think they would give out free to their loyal customers.. But instead no, they're wanting £25 for it, which just after buying a new iPhone5 (minimum of £529) seems more than a wee bit greedy to me. So out of what can only be described as a feeling of betrayal from a company I have loved and supported and thrown money at over the years.... I made my terrible decision to change phones and try out the new HTC One.
(So yeah, side note. From this parenthesis on I am writing in my second stage of this, as in I saved this post as a draft and have come back to it. I am not just telling you this to fill you in with random facts of my life, I just don't like taking breaks; I always lose my writing rhythm and never feel like second time round I can say all I wanted to say the first time. So I figured maybe writing this first would get my flow back before I start. Still not even decided if I will leave this part in yet or not, but hey ho, there's a stupidly pointless fact about me for you all to know)
So back to the point..
I decided it would be a good idea for me to change from my current iPhone4 when my upgrade came around and get an android. You may think this would have been a difficult decision for me, but for some reason it just wasn't. I had it in my head that I was through with Apple and their iPhone and that the only next step for me was to go Android. I had always thought I would switch to the Samsung Galaxy.. it just seemed the logical choice. However, after the announcement of the S4 and I had time to compare all of the specs of it to the HTC One (another new release that I had seen earlier and loved the look of) I decided to go for the HTC. There are a couple of main reasons for this, one being the obvious point that the S4 still has yet to be released and I couldn't be bothered waiting. The other being that the specs of the HTC just were all around better; it's screen resolution was higher, its new BOOMSOUND speaker system by dr.dre beats seemed immense and in all honesty in terms of physical appearance, the HTC blew the Samsung out of the water.
So yeah, story so far. Apple changed its charger port, I got upset with them, decided I wanted a change and to be different, I bought the HTC One.
It was only once my HTC finally arrived (after the tediously annoying event that caused its release to be delayed a whole 3-4 weeks) that I realised what a horrible mistake I had made. *side note, Belle had an iPhone5 at the time of this* You see, with the HTC it was said to have the best screen of any phone today, and I am a massive fan of screen quality.. I always have been and always will be. So you can imagine my immediate sadness when I had waited months for this tremendous phone and then what, the iPhones screen was better. However, I went into denial. I had wanted this phone to be everything the iPhone was and more too badly to give in straight away, so I persisted with it. I was so wrong to do this. The touch screen lacked the response of iPhone, it was annoyingly big in the hand making operating it in one hand a challenge, it was heavier than the iPhone which meant holding it in your hand for prolonged periods of typing/browsing hurt a lot more than with the iPhone5. And on top of this, just basic small parts of the set-up of the phone were tedious.. for example the phonebook (which decided to sync all my Facebook and Twitter friends.. EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE A NUMBER ATTACHED TO THEIR PROFILE!!). I would go on, but i'm in a hurry writing this and I don't want to bore you with too many scrutinise details.
So ultimately after 20 long days of having a phone of which I felt no sense of companionship with (a feeling I always had with my iPhone, it just made me feel safe and like I wasn't missing something when I left the flat) I decided enough was enough and that I needed to get rid of my phone. So I called up Carphone Warehouse where I have my contract with, and the staff were more than helpful when telling me that I only had 14 days in which to be able to exchange my phone. (Which, I would just like to point out, is a policy to do with buying phones online/over the phone which I had no bloody clue about and no company makes clear at all!!) So I was stumped. Until I decided to just bite the bullet and sell my phone on eBay and hope someone bought it. This all went as planned and I got much more than I had hoped for and the first thing I did after it was on eBay was go to the Apple store and buy myself none other than a white iPhone5....
....Best decision I will ever make.
So all and all to sum this story up, you may think that I must be frustrated at all the time and effort (and some money) that I wasted during this ordeal. But, really, i'm not. I always wanted to try an Android phone, and Apple had pushed me to do so. And I have more than learnt my lesson, and it means I will never have to worry about my phone upgrade again.. Apple is  for me, and in my opinion will always be Superior.

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