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My Girls Are Back in School and I’m… Bored?

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz

Lunch bags full, backpacks packed, pencils sharpened, shoes tied.

Both my girls headed were more-than-ready to head back to school yesterday. Both had big smiles, even bigger bows, and not a single tear in sight. I have to admit, watching them walk into school tugged at my heartstrings. Sigh, when did I become such a sap?

It seems like for most of my girl friends, a new school year makes them feel like this:

But I’m more like:



I know going to school, making friends, and getting an education is important and yadayadayada but I really wasn’t ready for summer to be over and, honestly, not having the girls home has been so… boring.

I’m not scrubbing marker off the walls or whipping up snacks or driving them to the pool. I don’t need to keep Maddie out of the craft drawer or stop Ella from running after her sister.


I’m not trying to complain–I do work from home as a nutrition consultant and it’s nice to have more time to get my work finished. But I got oddly used to working in the midst of a nice little bit of noise and chaos. Now, the house seems so quiet.

What about you guys–are you happy school has started? Or are you also finding yourself a little bored?

Peace, love, and health,


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