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My Favorite (store-bought) Cough Syrup

By Omamas @jeannjeannie

It’s that time of year.  Runny noses and chesty coughs.  My kids seemed to be hanging onto a minor cold forreeeevvvveeeerrrr.

I sort of blame myself.  About a week ago we were invited to the park to play with a new friend and I hated to pass it up.  It seemed they were almost over their colds, so I figured if they were bundled up we’d be fine (it was a sunny 40 degrees). They had a ball, but we all payed the price.  Their cough flared up, and my 4 year old hardly slept a wink that night.

Jeanne has shared a lemon-ginger-honey homemade cough syrup that I think tastes as good as candy, but my kids weren’t feeling it.   We’ve used it before (and it works wonders), but like many kids (and grown-ups) they change their mind a lot!

I ran to the co-op that morning, and grabbed the most familiar children’s cough syrup they had.

It’s inexpensive.  It works.  My kids like it.  So it’s a winner in my book.


I purchased it locally, but it’s available HERE in our Amazon store.

I don’t stress too much about colds, as it gives their little immunities a chance to get a work out.  But (because I can’t help myself) I’ve also been feeding my kids lots of bone broth (disguised in Tortilla Soup) and upping their probiotics.

Happy to report we’re on the up and up!


Disclosure: The FTC requires we let you know this post contains affiliate links. We receive a small commission on purchases you make through our Amazon store (usually 4%).  The price is the same for you, and we really appreciate it! Right now our profits are keeping this blog afloat, but we’re just waiting for the day it’ll buy us each a ranch on a few hundred acres.

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