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My Favorite Protein Powder

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

My appetite has been freaking voracious lately. Maybe it’s the never-ending winter, or midterm stress (procrastinating- er, studying- makes you hungry, didn’t you know?), but I’ve needed to up the ante when it comes to my meals.

Since I joined a new gym and started exercising in the morning before work and school on most days, I’ve been making my breakfasts extra dense. Brien and I always eat before we go to the gym, and while I know some people aren’t fans of exercising with a full belly, the idea of getting my heart rate up while hungry is enough to keep me at home.

My meals- especially breakfast- have always been pretty nutrient-dense, but I’ve taken to adding protein powder to my oatmeal and smoothies when I know I’ll need a little extra boost. I’ve had mixed feelings about protein powders in the past; shouldn’t I get the nutrition I need from whole foods, and not a powder? I’ve gone through phases (mostly in college and soon after) where I was using supplements with soy protein isolate and other strange ingredients with names I couldn’t pronounce. I didn’t know any better, and while I liked them well enough at the time, I wanted to find something less processed and with minimal ingredients this time around. Something as close to a “whole” food as possible.

nutribiotic rice protein.jpg

Nutribiotic was kind enough to send me samples of their organic vanilla brown rice protein powder. With just one look at the package, I was already interested. The ingredients? Certified organic sprouted brown rice and certified organic vanilla flavor. That’s it.

nutribiotic ingredients.jpg

Initially, I was a little wary about the vanilla flavor, as I didn’t want it to change the whole flavor of my food. However, after mixing the powder into oats or a smoothie, I couldn’t taste it at all. In the past, I’ve noticed that oats + protein powder can be chalky, but this tastes the same to me. Here are some yummy things I’ve made in the past couple months:

pistachio oats.JPG
Pistachio oats with chia, protein powder, lemon zest, dried cherries, avocado + Greek yogurt

carrot cake oats.JPG
Carrot cake oats with grated carrots, protein powder, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, raisins, almond butter + coconut

pear banana smoothie.JPG
Pear smoothie with frozen banana, kale, protein powder, almond butter + almond milk topped with granola

strawberry banana smoothie.jpg
Strawberry smoothie with frozen banana, protein powder, almond milk + almond butter topped with granola

chocolate beet pudding.JPG
Heartbeet pudding

When my supply runs out, I’ll definitely be purchasing Nutribiotic’s protein powder. The company also sells portable protein packets, for eating on-the-go and when traveling. They would have been great to have while in Israel!

How do you make sure your meals are filling?

*While I received complimentary product for this review, I was not financially compensated. As always, above opinions are mine and mine alone.

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