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My Ebay Watch List – March

By Bambileigh

Hi friends! Before we get started can we all just agree that since it’s now April I can sing the ‘April Showers’ song (as heard on Disney’s Bambi) without getting weird looks? Please? It’s my birthday in 6 days after all ;)

I wasn’t planning on doing an eBay post this month (read February’s here) as I didn’t think I’d been on there all that much, so therefore hadn’t watched anything new… I was rather wrong. I have no clue when I watched the majority of this stuff, it’s a right mish mash this time around! Maybe I’m eBay-ing in my sleep? There’s a few bits on there that really are rather odd… for example:

Early 1900s ‘Gypsy’ Caravan
I promise I’m not mental. I have no idea why this is on my list, but I definitely won’t be buying it. If I had that much money I’d be in the Bahamas. It would be pretty cool to have this in your garden though wouldn’t it… You could do it up and go and sit in there to drink your tea… just me? Fine, but you’re not invited to my Romany themed tea party.


AHS Seasons 1-3
If you’ve seen American Horror Story I shouldn’t have to explain why this is on the list. I might try and find one that has Freak Show on it as well though – I haven’t finished that one yet and it’s not on Netflix so I’m having to find shitty streamed versions! I don’t know which season is my favorite so far. I really like Murder House and it took me a little longer to get into Asylum which turned out to be awesome… I think maybe Coven holds the title for best season so far… only just though! What’s your favourite?


Grow Your Own Cactus
The heart wants what it wants okay?! If you’ve seen my March Favourites you’ll know all about Kevin, Colin and my vow to buy all the novelty cacti I see from here on out. After I wrote that post I realised that I’ve only seen two novelty cacti in about a year – I want my cactus collection to grow! And so my solution is to grow my own cactus and then novelty-fy them myself!


Warm Buttered Bread Village Candle
Here we go again with the candles! I know I don’t need anymore but this one seems amazing! Who doesn’t like the smell of warm buttery bread?! I’m buying it on payday, I don’t care. I’ve also watched ‘Tea Time’ and ‘African Safari’ which seem equally amazing… I may have to buy them too.
Even though I have several candles (10), I only burn them a couple of times a week! I’m in and out all day and don’t like to leave them unattended, but if you blow them out before all the wax on top has melted they end up tunneling and you waste candle! Still buying them though.


Fusible Fleece
I’m currently in the process of making a new sewing machine cover as the one mine came with isn’t protective at all! And it’s ugly. If I made the cover out of just fabric it would obviously be too flimsy and therefore no better than the original cover, which is why I’m after some fusible fleece to sturdy it up a little!


Get Fit Trainers
The last thing I’ll share with you this month is these ‘get fit’ trainer shoe things. I don’t know why I want them, I just do. They’re kind of ugly, but I think they look pretty comfy… I don’t actually want them for exercise purposes. What is exercise anyway? Maybe if I had these it would encourage me to walk the dog or something… haha.


If anyone wants to buy me that caravan it’s totally fine by the way. I think it’d be awesome to have in the garden! It might look better if you had an old style cottage though… it wouldn’t stand out quite as much.

I didn’t buy anything from last months watch list – how disappointing! I will admit I’ve been very slow on the crafting front this month, I only started on the sewing machine cover two days ago. I think what hung me up a bit is that I was trying to take in my favorite pair of jeans and it wasn’t going quite to plan so I just left them and had a big ol’ sulk for a week or two. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished them now and they fit a treat! And then I actually started on the sewing machine cover the very same day! Hopefully that won’t take too long when I’ve got the fleece so keep your eye out for that :)

What was your favorite thing on this months watch list? And are we clubbing together to buy the tea party caravan or what? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!

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