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My Ebay Watch List – June

By Bambileigh

Hey buddies! I haven’t done an eBay post since March – I almost forgot about them! In all honesty it’s simply because I haven’t been on there that much lately, there’s just been nothing that I wanted/needed. But don’t you worry, I’ve made up for it over the past few days and compiled a pretty hefty watch list. I won’t share everything or we’ll be here all day – I’ll just share five items that I’ve got my eye on a bit more closely!




I already have an ottoman which I store all my hair tools and makeup bags in, as well as sitting on to do my hair and skin care routine. “So why are you looking at more?” you ask. I don’t have a lot of room near my dressing table so I have to move the ottoman from place to place a lot; I picked it up today and THE F*CKING BOTTOM FELL OUT. Not that I’m mad or anything… I don’t know whether this large one will be too big so I might have to have another small one.

Quilting Ruler

I actually ordered one of these from a different seller months ago and it never arrived, so I contacted them and they sent another out which also never arrived! In the end I got a refund but we still don’t know what happened to the two they sent… Anyway, this would make cutting my quilting materials a hell of a lot easier, and it would probably cut down on wastage too.


Faux Floral Hanging Garland

I managed to kill a cactus a little while ago, so I’m sure you can understand why fake flowers are the best option for me. I want this to sit on top of my wardrobe and trail down the side… No real reason, I just want it! I already have flowers wrapped around my headboard so these wouldn’t look odd or out of place, it’d just pretty things up!


‘Birkenstock’ Style Sandals

I want a pair of cheap sandals that I can slip on if I’m just popping to the shop round the corner and I found a cute pair of thong type sandals in Primark the other day but my Mother stole them! I’m not going all the way to Primark to get another pair so I was looking for some more cheap ones and came across these which look super comfy. I don’t think I’ve worn sandals without a toe post since I was about 12 so I’m a bit unsure about these, but they’re only £6 so it won’t be a huge loss if I don’t like them!


Sweet Shop Fabric

I pledged to stop buying fabric in coordinating fat quarter bundles and instead buy fabric by the meter as I find that I get so much wastage and scrap with a bundle – seriously, I can get half a cushion cover out of each piece and that’s it. But I came across this bundle and thought the sweet fabric was nice, but I absolutley love the zig zag piece! If I could buy a couple of meters of just that I would. They have a lot of different coloured bundles so I might contact the seller and ask them to make me up a bundle of just the zig zag fabric in different colours!

I really am lusting over that fabric and the floral garland, but they may have to wait until I’ve sorted out my ottoman situation. I’m confident that the double seated one will fit in the gap, but if I have the bigger one I’d want it to be able to stay put and I’m just not sure I have the room. I’ll have to have a measure up but I think I’ll have to stay with the smaller size! Never mind, I have a small one now so it’s not as if I’m losing out on anything. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite thing from this months watch list was and let me know what’s on your watch list!


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