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My Drug Store Picks of 2012 Going into 2013

By Kathleenpaul

My Drug store Picks of 2012 going into 2013
My Top 10 Drug Store Picks!!!I am just going to review or talk about a few products above.1.The Clean Cover girl foundation is one of the only foundations that i have purchased more than once, i find it has really good coverage the color that i get is perfect for me, because some foundations i get are not a perfect match, i love the formula, it has a very nice creamy texture i used to actually wear this by it's self 2.without any powder.Stay matte rimmel pressed powder- I love this product i would definitely recommend this, it keeps my skin perfectly matte. My skin is quite shiny in some places, and this works for keeping it nice and matte without making your face look cakey. I have actually herd people compare this to MAC's powder. Great product i would definitely have no problem recommending it!   3. Maybelline Concealer Another awesome product great coverage, very matte i do not even feel the need to powder in the places i concealed if i have blended well. I will definitely be purchasing this again.4.Maybelling BB cream, great for using as a  light coverage foundation, or if you are just using it to even out your skin tone, It does have Spf in it so i use it when i am going to be in the sun, but i noticed i definitley have to powder after using. Do not use if you are going to be taking photos because there is SPF in this product. but overall i love this BB cream.5.Rimmel Lash accelerator Mascara this has been one of my favorite mascaras, i have purchased this a few times and i would continue to purchase it, i often buy mascaras that either have a really liquid formula which is perfect for lengthening your lashes and is perfect for helping your lashes stay clump free, but i often find that they don't work as well for the thickness in your lashes or i buy a mascara that is more creamy and thick that does thicken your lashes but sometimes to the point where your lashes become clumpy and heavy when i am looking for a new mascara like anyone else i'm sure, i am looking for the perfect formula that will lengthen my lashes as well as thicken them, and i really do think that the consistency definitely has a lot to do with that, and i feel like this mascara has both qualitys, it helps with the length and thickens them out, i would give it a try, i usually purchase mine at a shoppers drug mart, but any place that sells drug-store brand makeup should have this.
Also i did a drugstore shop last week and i have some new favorites to share i wish i would have done with post after i found some new favorites i still love these products but i found some new products from the drug-store that i would definitely add to this :)

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