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I Want to Become a Makeup Artist.

By Kathleenpaul
A Career in Makeup
I want to become a makeup artist.
I want to become a makeup artist.
JOB: Makeup Artist
Skill Level: Certificate or diploma
Specific Occupation you’re interested in: Makeup Artist
Job description: (be detailed)
A Makeup Artist's specific job is to design and add makeup or prosthetics to Actors and Actresses for movies, television shows and theater. They are also responsible for creating specific looks for runway, commercial and editorial models that will be suit their campaign. Makeup Artist may also be hired for weddings, proms and other special events. On the job they will usually create the hair, makeup and sometimes nails and brows. This will depend on how each individual makeup artist was trained. Each makep artist must bring their own supplies and be extremely sterile as they will be working on many different people.
Working Conditions: (where do people work in this occupation? Are there physical demands for this job?)
The main physical demand for this job is being able to stand for long periods of time. Films makeup artists may sometimes work shifts as long as 14 hours. The most common areas for a makeup artist to find employment would be at makeup counters in department stores, salons, theatre, film, television, and fashion (runway or editorial). A lot of makeup artist will also work freelance mainly working on weddings and special events. Depending on the area of interest a makeup artist's location may vary from job to job. They may find themselves setting up at hotels, backstage, or at a movie/television set. They may potentially be at an exotic location or find themselves setting up under a tent through extreme whether conditions.
Average Salary: This again would really depend on the area the makeup artist chose to specialize in, and also their level of success. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the average salary for a makeup artist in 2011 was $50,980. Makeup artists in the film industry on the other hand made over 100,000.
Education or Training Needed:
Depending on the industry you wish to partake in, there are many different options in this feild as it is only growing as far as the number of students and makeup professionals. You may decide to complete a Makeup Artistry certificate program in a year or less at a public college or university like the ones offered by George Brown college or Ryerson university through their continuing education departments. You may also decide to go through with one of the many programs offered by the private beauty schools specializing in makeup across Canada. You have options from schools like Canadian Beauty college, Marvel Beauty School or Complexions College of Makeup Art and Design. All of these schools offer shorter programs for students looking to become editorial or wedding makeup artists and longer programs for students looking to work with prosthetic s and special effects makeup. The programs offered by private schools are usually a bit shorter than others, for those who are in a hurry and may already have a nack for makeup but are just looking for a formal post secondary certification. For those who are even more eager to learn, and are looking for a real college experience studying what they love, you can take a two year diploma program like the one offered through Sheridan college. Once you have graduated you can take your education with makeup at Sheridan a step further and study a third year with their Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props graduate certificate. Some other options for someone looking to break into the beauty industry may be a Cosmetology licence, or an esthetics certificate. These do not go into makeup as deep as you would with the others. You will mainly cover day to night and bridal makeup. From there i would recommend either becoming self-taught to teach yourself further or take an additional short Makeup artistry course.
What can you do with this job/career training?
After earning a certificate or diploma you may start out with the most common options which would be starting work in a Salon or department store. After gaining some experience and a client base you may have the confidence and ability to either start working in film, television, fashion or maybe even start marketing yourself as a freelance makeup artist going off on your own to run your own business. Your education/ training will give you the confidence, skills, expertise, and credibility to do so.
Related Occupations: Describe to other occupations that are similar to this one that you could also pursue.
Occupations that may be considered relative to Makeup Artistry may be, working as a body painter, tatoo artist, esthetician, nail  technician, Hair stylist, fashion stylist. Each of the occupations i chose are related in different ways. If you were looking to take up a similar career you would first decide which area of makeup are you passionate about. For example if you were intrigued
What is the job situation like in this occupation? I think when taking this profession on as a full-time career the location where you intend to work needs to really be considered, as it will reflect on your success. The job situation and prospects do look good but it is also clear that when working in specific areas of makeup like broadcasting, television and film, your job opportunities and pay will be in a totally different caliber than someone working in a salon. With this in mind you must take this as well as your location in consideration.
Will there be jobs available in the 2011-2020 period?
According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment prospects with grow from now through 2018.
Projected job openings: 21,328 Projected job seekers: 20,385
NOC # 5226.5
Job Trends Reflection
1. How does this information help people make choices about their futures? This information is extremely valuable and resourceful to look into for any career you are speculating, as it allows you to foresee the reality of your choice.
2. Were you surprised by any of the information you found today? A lot of this information i had researched prior to this assignment for my own knowledge, but i was surprised to find that the annual salary was as high as it was, even when being conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.
3. Did your time on the Canadian Occupational Projection System make you re think any of your
goals? Was there information there that was new to you? Originally when i decided to take a Makeup Artistry certificate it was only to be used to work in the industry through my years in college/university. Over time for reasons not relevant to today, I had decided it wasn't the right decision and instead decided on something that would benefit my career even after graduating in 4 years.
4. If you found that the occupation you were most interested in was not growing, would you
reconsider or follow your dream? Why or why not? I have always said that my main goal was to choose a career that i was passionate about. I still feel this way but with that being said, we are making a huge investment in our education in hopes for success in our chosen field. I think to spend a large sum of money and to risk still not being able to work in your field, (a mistake many students make) would not be an intelligent business move. Looking at it as an investment with the statistics showing that there may be a higher percent chance that you will not be successful wouldn't be smart from an investment view point. I have always said i believe in myself so i will go for what i am passionate about and if it is possible and if someone can do it then I can and when I am making a decision as big as what i am going to be doing for the majority of my time in the future it needs to be something i am going to enjoy day to day as life is to short to be doing something unenjoyable. I believe i would choose something in the same field that is growing or that has many different opportunities upon graduation and work doing a job i am qualified for with my degree until i am able to get into my ideal position.

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