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My Drawings, Illustrations and Digital Sketches

By Kaye

Drawing at an Early Age

As a young kid, I would remember sitting in a corner of our little home with pencil and used papers. I would normally recycle used notebooks and pads and used it as my sketch pad. I started drawing at an early age. I would love to sketch anything. Anything that caught my eyes would be a perfect subject. I wouldn’t say I’m good at it but at that time, I really enjoyed doing it. My sketches are nothing extra-ordinary. They are the usual illustrations a normal kid would doodle. My subjects would be random things like a chicken with green feathers, at times a tree with giant roots but most of the time, endless clouds and blue skies. I drew inspiration from nature since I don’t have a lot but them which occurs in abundance and comes free of charge. My creations are nothing fancy. Nothing that I could show off to my friends. It’s nothing of a talent, I know but I know deep in my heart that I have this part of me that love arts so much. It became a hobby of mine and I would remember being scolded by my mom for staying longer outlining endless lines and patterns. Years later I found myself preoccupied with teenage stuffs that I no longer enjoy doing anything related to arts. The passion died. It just did.

Love for drawing reunited

My childhood hobby would have been buried. No more drawings. No more sketches. No more cartoon illustrations. Long time ago, I was a little girl who thought that life was about arts and colors. A little girl in me who loves to draw, sketch, illustrate has been gone and may be not to return at all. I now live in a real world where I know, life isn’t made of colors and patterns. I embraced the fact that there’s more to live than imagination of vivid pictures of nature. I would have stop and my story would end there but for some reasons, I didn’t. I know, it wouldn’t die just like that. I just knew it. Then one day, I just found myself with stylus in my hand. I began to outline shapes. I began to fill colors. I began to highlight strokes. I began to blend colors. I found myself drawing again. Yes! I began to sketch again. I began to make illustrations. Like it used to be. Like I used to be. I was reunited with my love of drawing but no more used papers this time. It’s new era after all.

My Digital Sketches

Modern technologies made it a lot easier for everyone, well almost to everyone. With the latest gadgets, almost everything is made possible. I would have preferred to sketch manually as it gives more freedom to your imagination but digital sketches would be a lot practical and easy at this modern-day. You can let your imagination run and start creating your subjects anywhere, everywhere. You don’t need to get messy with color palettes, oils and dirty brushes. Everything is just a click away. With all this ease, you can enjoy your hobby at your convenience. Using different applications I have created my own canvas. My art pieces. Again, they are nothing extraordinary like I used to say but they are mine and that makes it special.

Here are some of my art pieces inspired by nature.

Blue sea

Oak tree

Giant waves

Green tress

The beach

The sun and blue skies

The dawn

The swing

The farm

Scorching sun

Do you love to sketch too? What hobbies that keep you busy this time? I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us about this subject by leaving your comments below.


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