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By Kaye


Sometimes I wanna ask how she is

Words of worries long to slip from my lips

But I opted silence

and though I can sense her soundless cry

I stayed heedless

Not because I do not care

I do…I do

But the weaker me had the steering wheel

Had to follow the voice

The stronger actor that I used to play

Came to extinct

I can find her no more

Was I too weak to ask?

Was I too afraid to hear the truth?

Was it too heartless for me not to care?

Was it? Was it?

Deep down… words are erupting

I wanna ask her this…and that…

and those …and these

But I guess I wasn’t ready to hear her heartbeats…

I wasn’t prepared to see the flatlines

The breathing, the beating, the pulse

What if it’s just a make-believe

After all this time, she wasn’t there at all

She looks familiar but I don’t know her. Anymore. I see the reflection. I know I’ve seen her before. She was me. Used to be me.

Yes she was. Here. But not anymore.



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