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My Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012!

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal
I can't believe how much time of went by My Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012!  It is about ten at night. I am waiting for my dad to get home from the hospital.... He went today because he had a bad tummy-ache. So I am just waiting, I hope he comes back feeling well My Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012!.   I am eager for him to come home.  They said the worst case scenario is his appendix, which is good. I am happy to know about the problem, so they can treat it, before it gets worst. There is something I need to say before you leave......
LETS TALK MAMA 2012My Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012!
It stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards! and if you guessed K-pop you are right. I thought I would share who I think who is taking the gold home.
I know for global female group is f(x) for electric shock because, c'mon that is a very famous song.  Best group performance is SUPER JUNIOR because I snooping who to vote for and on mr.simple there was a comment for mass vote for suju on mama. Next thing I know, there is an overwhelming amount of votes for suju from USA.....hmmmm, I wonder why.   I do hope they win big because their leader is leaving for required military service:(
I am hoping Volume-up gets song of the yearMy Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012! I think 4minute deserves it because Volume up is probably the most heart pounding song of the year. 
Finally the most important nominee......Kim Taeyeon!!!!She is probably my most favorite singer ever, her OST is a nominee. SOOOO GOOO VOTE FOR HER... Like if she does not win, I will cry tears of sadness. Don't forget to check out twinkle and flower power.
Well don't forget to vote for mama 2012, please vote mass vote for Tayeon, 4minute, and Suju!!
Thanks for readingMy Diary: My Dad, and MAMA 2012!
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Tell me in the comments who you want to win, and who you think is taking home the gold.

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