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Language Lost And Found

By Roopz @Roopakutty

Language Lost And Found

Photo courtesy: Daily Mail
The language once I admired, the letters with which I gambled my emotions, is strange to me. With so much of pain, I realize that the flow in my writings had disappeared. Although I look up to Malayalam more than English, the so called universal language always remain as my favorite.Now you will be wondering how could I conclude so! Well, blogging and actual writing differs a lot. Here no one mind to correct or criticize. All we do is give positive comments. Even if I receive some personal messages regarding the mistakes I make here, most of my readers tend to give a thumbs up. It is not that I blame you. Initially, I enjoyed positive feedback and thought everything I post are perfect copies. Recently a blogger as well as my colleague pointed out a fact. He said blogging is a world of praises. I didn't take it seriously then. But when I was asked to write a few essays in journalistic language, I failed bitterly. I felt as if the world has gone blank. My love for this language has suddenly disappeared.I made a self criticism. These are the faults I found in me:

  • I don't read much English newspapers. Working in a Malayalam daily was my excuse
  • I've taken a new year resolution which is to update my English blog regularly. It didn't happen. I blamed time.
  • I rarely went through English books and blogs these days. Again, time is the villain

Now, the solutions follow:
  • I've started reading English news websites
  • Posting one article a week is still a dream. Hope to make it happen by next year somehow
  • Beginning with Sigmund Freud's 'Interpretation of Dreams' I'm going to be a regular reader at least of e-books  

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