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My Desert Island Discs Playlist, Assuming There Are Batteries!

By Etspeaksfromhome
My Desert Island Discs Playlist, assuming there are batteries!
Some of you may know that I love Korean TV drama and their K-pop music genre.  So please forgive me if I bore you with my huge selection of K-pop.  In case you're wondering, K-pop means Korean Pop music!I have been tag by +Sally Whittle to do my Desert Island Discs playlist - read her choices here.  I have to admit that I had not heard of some of her song choices before so it is nice to discover new music.If I ever get trapped on a desert island, I wonder if they will have a bed and fresh water?  Ha! .. probably not.  Maybe I would have to fashion my own tent out of palm leaves and also use it to collect 'sky juice'. Who knows? In this rough environment, maybe I could become a size 8 by the time I get rescued!Besides songs choices, I am also supposed to pick a book and a luxury.  What book?  I don't tend to read much, so maybe I'll just grab a diary 'book' and jot down my autobiography.  A luxury?  I would want my bolster.  You may not be familiar with a bolster.  It is a long cushion which you hug to sleep.  I can't live without mine.  If I ever go on holiday, I always pack it with me.  My husband thinks I'm a nutter as it takes up half the suitcase!  In fact, I have 3 bolsters that I shipped across from Singapore.  They are plain, and in a previous post, I used it to make a turnip for our Chinese Club.My Desert Island Discs Playlist, assuming there are batteries!So these are my eight choices, not listed in any particular order.1. I would like to dance Gangnam style and party all night.  Maybe!  I hope!
2. I heard this song in 2002 and have loved it since!  Another party music!  Can't Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue.

3. Mmmmm another Korean flavour!  Promise is by A.N. Jell from a Korean TV drama called He's Beautiful.  A.N. Jell are a fictional group for the show and not a real group in the real world.4.  I think when I'm alone trapped on this lonely island, I need this song to keep me going.  When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees.

5.  This might sound cheesy but I'd also put Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby into my playlist.  This song reminds me of some fab times in the 90s.6.  Hmmm.... I first heard this song from watching Madagascar - I Like To Move It!  Great to dance along with the animals in the island!7. Then I will tell the animals that U Can't Touch This (by M.C. Hammer) my food!  I hate sharing my food.  So don't ever ask me to share my meal!  Eileen doesn't share food!  (Scream it like Joey Tribbiani)8. Ok this is a sad song which I don't normally like but it is brilliant.  Crazy Of You by Hyorin (Sistar).  This is the OST from Master's Sun Korean drama.  One of my best choices for 2013 Korean TV drama to watch. 
So now I am going to tag Mary, Tami, Anna and Jenny.

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