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My Daughter Looks Like A Boy

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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My 2 year old daughter looks like a boy because her hair won’t grow. If I don’t dress her in a dress   we will get at some point in the day while we are out before someones say “oh he’s cute”. He is a she!

Destinni didn’t exactly have much hair when she was born and it was a blonde colour, it was hard to see anyway.

I called her my baldypops.

It was cute at first but on her first birthday it was still too short to put into the smallest of bobbles.

She’s now 2 and although we can finally put her hair into pig tails or into a pony tail it’s still difficult to do.

It doesn’t look so bad when it’s down but she always wants it up. My daughter looks like a boy.

I say it doesn’t look too bad but in actual fact it’s so fine and fly away.

She pulls her sisters lovely long brunette hair and shouts “mine”.

It’s clear she is jealous.

Destinni wants pretty bobbles and pretty clips, none of which fit in her hair right because it is so short.

She wants to be like her big sister and I don’t blame her because Bella has lovely hair.

I feel bad for her because it’s clear she wants it to grow because her sister gets compliments about her hair and Destinni frowns at her and sulks.

I don’t know what to do for her.

I know it’s only cosmetic but I remember being little and wanting long Rapunzel hair, so I guess it’s only the same for her.

I try to encourage her that her hair is beautiful and that it doesn’t matter but she’s 2 and stubborn.

She thinks she knows best just like every other child her age.

Nikkita is 13 weeks old and has more hair now than Destinni did at several months old.

Does anyone else’s little girls have really short hair and struggles to grow?

Does anyone know any good ways to encourage hair growth in children?

I’ve seen several products on the market but they are all aimed at the adult market.

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