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My Coat OOTD

By Ceriblog @ceriblog

My Coat OOTD

Coat - French Connection (last year)
Fur Sole - H&M

I definitely don't title myself as a fashion blogger.. Yes I enjoy shopping immensly but I don't have the room to take clear, sophisticated, full lenght images of what I wear. Maybe I'll try in the future but right now I think I've found my niche.
This coat is from French Connection last year when cape coats were all the rage.. It's an amazing coat because it looks like a cape coat but it also reasonably in style all the time. I pair it with a fur sole now, though, because it keeps it more up to date.
Urgh I hate talking about outfits!

My Coat OOTD

My lovely kitty, Smokey (14 years)

My Coat OOTD

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