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My Children's Video Message to Santa Claus

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor

My Children's Video Message to Santa Claus
Christmas means way more to me than buying or receiving presents. It's mostly about being thankful and spending time with my family. This Christmas is one I am the most excited about because we didn't do Thanksgiving, though I do not regret that one bit! I was anxious for Christmas, I wanted to decorate with the kids, bake with them, and do loads of Christmas crafts. However, I was in the final weeks of my first semester for most of December, so my holiday spirit kind of got soured.
But once school was finished, we got into some holiday cheer. We started our holiday traditions a little later than usual this year, but we got them done and had a fantastic time doing them. 
Last year I made a wonderful Christmas video. It was like a culmination of our Christmas and it got lost after my hard drive failed. However it did not deter me from trying again this year. We didn't get much footage this year, but we did make video messages for Santa Claus. People may say, Christmas is too commercial, it's not all about the presents, and some Fat Man Santa is getting all the credit blah blah blah! BUT the kids talking to Santa, all the extra crafts, getting presents is all going towards wonderful memories the kids will have. Also traveling, going to various of Christmas themed markets,  etc will stay with the kids. My children  have seen a lot this season, and they are so thankful and remember everything! My goal in Christmas is to make it as memorable as possible, so that when we are older the kids come over with their family they can see the many pictures and videos and appreciate the effort mom and dad put into making their Christmas magical and do the same with their little ones(if they have some)! 
I hope you all enjoy these videos
JJ's Loves Mario!
Mawa She has a HUGE crush on Eric from the Little Mermaid. She wants him under the tree
DD's He loves trains and respectful people 

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