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My Brothers Call Me Fat, Ugly And Obese

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100111764 My Brothers Call Me Fat, Ugly And Obese

My inbox is always open to those who need support, this morning this email was found.

Dear Emma,

Well, My two brothers call me fat. I cry all the time, I say I don’t care but deep down I do care. They think it’s funny but it’s not. I tell my mom to tell them to stop.

She never does nothing

She just tells them to “Quit it”

My mom also calls me fat. She finds a way to call me fat.

She said’s “You won’t fit in that” “Let me try it on, It’s going to fit me not you” “You are fatter than me, I can’t believe it”

My brothers tell me I’m fat, ugly and obese. I weigh about 119 lbs (8 stone 5)

They tell me every single day “No one likes you” and “You are too ugly”

Just last week I started to cut my self. Why? Cause I’m tired of every body calling me fat and ugly.

I sometimes have dreams about me dying or dreams about me leaving and never coming back.

I feel like no one likes me, like I’m ugly and fat.

I wish I was never born.

Can you help me please?

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