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My Boyfriend Is A Male Escort & I Support Him

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10044203 My Boyfriend Is A Male Escort & I Support Him

I met my partner in 2012 we found each other on the internet, a dating website. We spoke everyday, sent pictures back and forth then finally met up in April 2012, it was perfect, love at first sight.

He even wasn’t phased that I had 2 children. We had spoken about everything from shoe size to sex life and it was fair to say he had definitely been with more people than me, it kind of shocked me and I was a bit like oh my god am I just another notch on his bed post?

Then he told me he had been an escort. Well I felt sick, the whole escort thing was a fancy word for a prostitute wasn’t it?

Well we discussed this and he assured me didn’t do “extras”

I decided to accept that this was his job life was brilliant, he came up at weekends and then went back to his mums. Things have moved forward and very quickly, he wants to move in and I want him to move in, but with two children I am on benefits and he was working with his dad.

We decided that he was going to start looking for work because when he moves in he decided that he doesn’t want me working, he wants to support the family, our family. Well after 6 months of looking still nothing, work with his dad has dried up as a handy man isn’t that useful in winter.

He doesn’t want to sign on, said he will never do that, so now we are out of options. We want to be together properly, go to sleep at night in each others arms, wake up laying next to each other with morning breath and messy hair, but at the moment its not possible other than at the weekends. 

So after another night of not sleeping and freaking out about our situation I made a bold rash decision. I asked him if he would consider escorting again. As soon as I said it I thought I was going to hit myself in the face for even thinking about it.

But we spoke we discussed and decided that we would do it as a team. I don’t mean I sign up to do it as well but I mean I know everything, I am kept in the loop. So we searched on the internet, nothing really came form the two sites we looked in too.

One night I was looking on the internet and decided to take matters in to my own hands. I gave him a fake name and signed him up, they got in touch with him the next day. They wanted pictures so I emailed two to a women who was pretty sure that she could set him up with someone on Saturday.

£120 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per date, one catch £150, that’s what we had to find to get this ball up and running.

Between us we managed to scrape together the money. We went and paid it in to the bank on Friday for them. Then his profile went live.

So now I sit and wait on these women ringing my man so they can take him out wine and dine him. Some people may think I am foolish and that all men are rats and that this is just an excuse for him to cheat and earn money, but it isn’t. I trust him with my life but not only that the lives of my children.

I hope and pray everyday that someone phones him and asks him out on a date because then it means I haven’t just blown that amount of money on nothing. But who knows only time will tell, maybe in a month two month it will all be different and I will no longer be on benefits and he will be living with me and we will be supporting each other. My boyfriend is a male escort and I fully support him.


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