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My Blog Resolutions

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Hi guys,
So today I decided to finally write my blog resolutions after I kept putting it off. I've never made any new years resolutions in my life but I though I'd make some for my blog since I love blogging and want to make the quality better!
My Blog Resolutions
1- Take better photographs.I want to start taking better images. I love photography so I want to improve in that area. Maybe a white background? Let me know what you'd prefer! I also want a new camera so if you have any suggestions please let me know (budget friendly). 
2- Start doing makeup looks.I really love makeup looks or face of the days on blogs and I really wanted to do them since I started my blog. I keep putting it off because I am probably the world's most self conscious person. Not even kidding. But this year, I will try and do at-least a couple. I have to find a way to stop being so self conscious. Seriously it really annoys me!
3- Top products of the monthsSince last year, I wanted to do a top 5 products of the month post but I never did. So this year at the end of the month I'll do my top 5 or 3 products that I've been really enjoying! How does that sound?
4- Natural product series I did my hair oil series which so many people enjoyed, and so I though, why not do some more natural product posts? I'll feature a natural product every month which will be quite an informative post. I want to do some informative posts on my blog because I personally love reading them and I hope you guys too! 
5- Blog everyday! I might fail at this but I'll try to do regular posts!
6- I really want to expand the topics on this blog. I want to do more outfit posts even though my fashion sense is probably not the best! I also want to feature other things that are maybe more lifestyle related. I don't have a clue what I'll do but leave me suggestions? Please? 
This does not seem like alot but if you have any suggestions/requests do let me know!
Thankyou for reading my blog and leaving such lovely comments on here as well as tweeting me!I reached 500 followers in 2012! :D
Hareem x

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