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By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
So i was going to start blogging more now i left uni... but since then i have not had anything major to blog about but i have thought of something so here it goes...i have left uni and in the process of getting things sorted out and a letter arrives from the student loan company telling me how much i owe them and when i saw it i had one thought that kind of went along these lines:oh no how in the world am i going to pay this back... so i have official confirmation on amount i owe and then i started to look for a job, sadly there aer none in the field that i have been studying for the past 5 this point i feel like i am screwed and have no where to turn but then i remember that i am setting up  company for web design and just to get that going as soon as possible...So if anyone needs a web page making or have a need for a web designers please contact us company is a small set up offering affordable web pages and hosting for everyone and we have some great packages for people on a budget so if you are interested in our services contact  us on the email address aboveThanks for Reading

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