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My A-Z of Pregnancy

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx

So you've found out your pregnant and have no idea what to expect, you can read every book and hear everyone else's stories but every pregnancy is different, I've written a list on my personal A-Z (minus a few letters as I was genuinely stuck on what to put) lol. I hope you enjoy reading it :). Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can, it can be tough at times but you have to take the good with the bad :)
My A-Z of Pregnancy

A - Aversions - You often hear a lot of people talking about food cravings but rarely about food aversions, for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy the only thing I could eat was McDonalds, i know i know, not healthy at all but that's all my body wanted, nothing else seemed appealing!

B - Boobs - They do get bigger, but they also hurt, alot. Especially in the first 12 weeks.

C - Crying - Yeah..simple things like someone moving your shoes or opening a window sets you off.

D - Dreams - More vivid and strange dreams, I had one about keyrings once..yeah...

E - Emotions - Everything in pregnancy seems to be heightened, so if you're happy, you're really happy, but if you're sad, LOOK OUT! Ha.

My A-Z of Pregnancy
F - Fatigue - This was a lot better in my second trimester (the dream trimester) :). Now i'm at the end of the third I am feeling knackered just by walking up stairs, it's down to the extra blood pumping around your body and because you have a baby that is now in charge of your body :)

G - Greasy hair - I only had this at the beginning of the third trimester but I've always washed my hair twice a week and I was having to do it every other day or it would look yuck! Ha.

H - Hormones - Happy one minute, sad the next, then angry, then happy again, it's a vicious's not constant though, I was hormonal at around 30 weeks and before that I guess it was around 20 weeks. I'm now quite happy most of the time, ha.

I - Indian - Once id gone over my due date, i tried a very spicy Indian to try to get things moving, didn't work for me though, baby was too comfy :)

J - Jogging bottoms - Literally what I lived in during the third trimester, nothing else was comfy, needless to say, i looked very attractive! Ha

K - Kicking - One of my favorite things about pregnancy, that first kick is amazing and even when they get bigger and it starts to hurt, you still love feeling them move and trying to figure out what body part it is.

L - Love - You often hear about the love a mother feels for her child at birth but there's also a genuine bond when baby is growing inside of you, I find myself sitting here just talking to her and watching her kick and roll around, I can't wait to have that feeling multiplied when I actually meet her :)

M - Memory - This is actually quite a funny thing i experienced, I literally would forget my own name, or be halfway through a conversation with someone when i would suddenly wonder what I was talking brain definately exists!

N - Naps - I had many of these throughout the pregnancy, especially when I was working, I would finish at around 2.30 and go straight home and sleep till maybe 7 sometimes and I'd still be able to sleep that evening!

O - Organ Shifting - Sounds dramatic, but as your bump and baby get bigger, your organs shift, everything ends up under your boobs, I felt sick right towards the end and struggled to breathe at times!

My A-Z of Pregnancy
P - Periods - I remember thinking YES no period for 9 months, I can't wait...but with all the other things pregnancy brings with it, I actually forgot I hadn't had any, still, it is great to have some time off!

Q - Questions - It's easy to turn into, I guess, a mumzilla, especially if it's your first pregnancy, the amount of questions you have is ridiculous, can i eat this, can I do that, why does that hurt, what does this mean etc etc, what you have to remember is that your body is made to grow a baby inside it, my advice is to not google things, everyone has their own opinions, just speak to your midwife or GP if you are worried about anything :)

R - Rest - This definitely applies to me now i'm 38 weeks pregnant, even if I wanted to run a marathon I physically have no energy anymore, make sure you rest when you feel you need to and try not to over do things!

S - Stretch Marks - Some people get them, some people don't..I was one of those who did get first I was really bothered by them, not going to lie but once more and more appeared I just thought about why I had them and they meant my baby is growing :)

My A-Z of Pregnancy
T - Tiredness - I was exhausted at the end of  the pregnancy, I wasn't getting much sleep as baby was active at night time and kicking in my ribs kept me up ha.

U - Ultrasounds - One of my favorite things to do with pregnancy, that first 12 week scan where you find out everything is ok and healthy, then as baby gets bigger you get to see them, i was lucky enough to have extra scans to keep an eye on her growth :)

V- Vaginal pains - I couldn't think of anything else beginning with V! Ha. I had  shooting pains in that area quite a bit, your cervix is stretching and your babys body parts can be leaning on a nerve!

W - Walking - Another way of progressing your labour, I tried it a few times but got so out of breath I gave up! I remember when I was sent away from the hospital for a walk and walked about 200 yds and had to get back in the car..I was having regular contractions though..

X (genuinely can't think of anything ha)

Y- Yawning - At one of our scans we got to see her actually yawning, it's fascinating to watch, I remember I was in tears because we had just found out we were having a girl so it made me cry more ha, hormones! 

Z - I'm stuck on this one.. ha x

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