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My 2013 Christmas Wishlist

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir

Christmas is a few weeks ahead. And every Christmas, I have a few 'must-have's' on my list. Although I already received some of my Christmas gifts in advance,  I would still love to open something. So I'll make it easy for you guys. Just to give everyone an idea what to give me this Christmas. Here's a list for you. Ready? 
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist1. Multifunction Headwear. I so envy ate Doi when she slept in the plane on our way to Kuala Lumpur, with her headwear on. I always wanted to buy one of these, but it's another story if someone gave it to you. (winks*)
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist2. Headlamp. It doesn't matter what brand. As long as I have something to use during my night treks or in any occasion where it is needed. But, Black Diamond would be lovely. 
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist3. Convertible Trek Pants. I do own one, but I think I've outgrown those pants. I had it like 5 years ago. A new pair would be nice. 
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist4. Dry Bags. These babies are awesome. I love outdoors, and I'm always out there looking for an adventure. These bags are perfect. It will keep all my important things dry and secure.
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist5. Camera Bag. I recently got my camera, and I'm going to need a bag to keep it secure and safe during long travels or if it's not in use.
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist6. Power Bank. This is every traveler's must have. I still don't have one, so anyone is welcome to buy one for me. This will surely extend the battery life of my phone.  
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist7. GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition. I know I got my micro4/3 camera. But I can't use that if I go diving, kayaking or even in extreme sports like downhill biking, which I'm planning to do in the coming days. 
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist8. Pocket WiFi.  I need this to keep my readers updated with my travel adventures. My trip in Kuala Lumpur had taught me a great lesson about it.
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist9. MacBook Pro. I wanted to own one of these. Imagine the things I could do with it. Edit videos and photos to name a few. 
My 2013 Christmas Wishlist10. Trip to Kota Kinabalu with AirAsia Zest. I just had my first international trip with AirAsia Zest to Kuala Lumpur this month. It was the BEST TRIP EVER! Another round trip ticket with AirAsia Zest will be an ultimate gift for me this Christmas. :D
Did I ask too much? How about you? Have you written down your wish list this Christmas? Share it in the comment section below. I would be glad to read it. :D

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