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Must Have Colors in Every Wardrobe

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
  •  Black for the night out, or even a day when you wish to look sharper
  • Grey for a work day marked with back to back meetings, with people from diverse cultures or background
  • Red is the best choice for sports, picnics and Fridays.  No matter what day, red adds a tint of happy to the persona, both on the soul and outside, and works wonders to turn around a gloomy day.
  • Pink  should be worn selectively, for days when you are in a romantic mood and feel like spraying a  hint of love up your sleeve. 
  • White when you are in the mood to experiment - be it throwing a bright scarf across, or wearing neon jewelry to bring about the spark, or the ever hit white paired with denims, it takes oodles of dumb meat to get it wrong with white.  A very intelligent styling in white can be found here.
  • Yellow is for those days when the energy within is so oozing high, that you jump out of the bed, jump every traffic signal, dance to  the radio, take the stairs. When the day is sunny side up in all spirit, why stop from wearing some sun on our shoulders too. 

must have colors in every wardrobe

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