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#music Taylor Swift - Has the Bubble Really Burst?

Posted on the 05 September 2015 by Abolishconfusion @ac_mag
Really? Really? REALLY?
#music Taylor Swift - Has the Bubble Really Burst?
Well I've saw three articles on my newsfeed on Thursday so that means it must be, right? It was just a few months ago when the world was in love with the former country star but as she is well aware, love never lasts.
Am I really having to defend another of my favourites, first Tyler, now Taylor. It's hardly come as a surprise, almost a year since 1989 was released, twelve months of winning, that's a lot of jealousy, jibes and stories that come to light. Nobody likes a success story.
#music Taylor Swift - Has the Bubble Really Burst?
There was the cat fights from a former Victoria Secret's model who didn't make the cut for their catwalk show which she performed at, then there has been many stories about her power, that she instructs what her famous friends can say and do, notably at her Hyde Park show earlier in the summer. There has even been reports she got the face on with Kanye for his VMA speech which should have focussed more on her. Apparently, apparently, apparently. Non of this is probably true. The media love to sensationalise, especially when the target is somebody who has been portrayed as been the good girl who bakes cookies and has the enthusiasm levels of a child.
2014 couldn't have been any better for Taylor but criticism has been a lot more prevalent this year, that 'girl next door' vibe is too good to be true for some, they just couldn't handle it and looked for any wrong move she made. Instead of being crowned a hero for her fight against Apple Music she was ridiculed in the same way that the media poke fun of her awkward award show dances and 'surprise, I can't believe I've won another award' faces. Then #AnacondaGate happened...
How many rounds did she have left? Will the media force her to break down like they have done Britney, Miley, etc? I expect she is stronger than they were then as she's been in the spotlight for ten years now, the light is at its brightest now as 1989 took her to new heights. Looking down can be quite terrifying. I knew the backlash was on the verge, this week has seen a lot of unnecessary negative press.
#music Taylor Swift - Has the Bubble Really Burst?It was at the VMAs where the world first fell for Taylor, that time Kanye rudely interrupted her for winning an award, which he is very sorry about. Despite winning four awards and gaining compliments from Kanye the night has given the press the opportunity to claim this to be the beginning of the end for the biggest star in the world but both talking points were equally ridiculous and again, like with #AnacondaGate they have portrayed her as somebody that she probably isn't. That might not sound too damaging but when you consider that many people just read the headline of an article that reads something like 'girl-next-door country-turned-pop star had her publicist block camera whilst coke was snorted' can damage reputations. This relates to a clip somebody uploaded, filmed backstage at the VMAs whilst her team surrounded her for a second and yes, a noise can be heard but c'mon guys, get real, do you really think she is dumb enough to openly do drugs in a hallway surrounded by press. Just because the camera couldn't capture her blowing her nose there was plenty of other people knocking about who could see what was going on.
The second ridiculous story relates to the video for the fifth single from 1989, Wildest Dreams, premiered after the awards. I watched it, it was a bit disappointing, sad to end this album campaign with a weak video following the brilliant visuals which Shake It Off, Blank Space and Bad Blood brought (Style was pretty rubbish too). I thought nothing of it. Set in Africa, filmed with a 1940's vibe, its a love story, it's fine, unless you have already been tainted with being racist once this year already (#AnacondaGate). The media went on full attack as there are only two black people in the video, suggesting it glorifies colonial Africa. Do you really think she is racist or are you just using the current racist tension in America to damage her reputation because, if so, that is not cool. Didn't she give tonnes of praise and an award to Kanye and recently collab with Kendrick? Do you really think that they would sacrifice their political reputations to work with a racist? Of course not! It's just another excuse for people to hate on a successful person.

I imagine once the 1989 World Tour (which is brilliant) wraps up in December she can take a well deserved break, away from media speculations, hang out with Calvin and her pals then return stronger for it.
Maybe she isn't perfect but that's fine.
Seriously, how can you hate on somebody who gets Phoebe from Friends to sing Smelly Cat at her own show?

Oh and if #KanTay2020 is legit I need a visa so that I can get my vote in. Imagine if they ruled the world anymore than they already do.

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