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Music Level"

By Trebeca04
Music Level Music Level "Music Level"
 A couple of weeks ago I posted the first of 5 new pieces I recently completed for a new show at The Sebastopol Gallery which is where I show my work on an ongoing basis as a Member Artist.
You may recall, that I got my inspiration for these 5 pieces from Dayna Collins' series of works she called "Curious Elements". If you missed it, do go over to "Art Alley Studio" ,  where you can see all 120 of her creations or just click here you can see a good sampling.
This is my #2 piece :  titled "Music Level", and it came together easily, gracefully and decisively. It was as if these 2 disparate, unrelated items, probably from the same time period (40's-50's), found each other after many years apart.
The level, was from my father's tool shed, from many years ago. The clock chime bar is from the inside of a mantle clock, also from the 40's. When you run your fingers across the 5 rod chime bar, you will hear the wonderful chime sounds.
Although each of these items lived a full and productive life when they were new, their original usefulness eventually ended. Now both have found a new and beautiful career as a piece of art.  Carpenter's level and 5 rod chime bar, ready to hang.

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