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#music Jay Z & Beyonce - Holy Grail (live)

Posted on the 06 July 2014 by Abolishconfusion @ac_mag
The best/most powerful/coolest couple in the world, Jay Z and Beyonce are currently tearing up the States with the joint headline On The Run tour. Performing on stage every night the pair, who are mega stars individually, together they are untouchable and quash those rumours that their relationship is in turbulent times as they don't shy away from intimacy.
#music Jay Z & Beyonce - Holy Grail (live)
Whilst Beyonce spent the last few years touring the world with the focus on her and her only on the Mrs Carter Show, Jay has always preferred to share his stage, last year Justin Timberlake joined the rapper on the Legends Of The Summer and his buddy Kanye was collaborator on Watch The Throne. He's always picked the cream of the crop so it made sense that his wife shared the stage as well as the bed every night this time around and save on hiring a baby sitter.
It is just a bonus that Beyonce isn't just his wife, her voice comes in handy when it comes to the tunes too. Watch her make JT sound remarkably average when she steals his role on Jay's tune, Magna Carter Holy Grail, it looks amazing.

Just wish the tour was coming to the UK...

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