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#music Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Abolishconfusion @ac_mag
If there is anybody in the world who you would expect to have self-esteem issues Beyonce isn't the one who would spring to mind. Beautiful Beyonce. Successful Beyonce. Talented Beyonce. Mother Beyonce. Mrs Carter. What has Queen Bey got to worry about? From the outside it looks like she has EVERYTHING but the Life Is But A Dream documentary proved that she is a real person underneath the glossy magazine covers and glamorous videos, a normal person like me and you, with personal issues and what-not.
#music Beyonce - Pretty Hurts
Once the shock of the 'surprise' record had sunk in and we got our head around the album, the brutal honesty in the lyrics shone through, self-doubt played a major part, well, if she is talking in first person, which we can only presume. The latest video to come from said album is for the opener, Pretty Hurts which tackles the importance of the perception of image, especially in todays celerity culture. The song covers the subject matter well but the video brings it to light even brighter, showing beauty pageant drama, bulimia and waist line measurements. It compliments the message brilliant.

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