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Mumsnet Remove Me As Im Not Your Normal Mummy Blogger

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100860531 Mumsnet Remove Me As Im Not Your Normal Mummy Blogger

I was rather sad and somewhat disheartened when I recieved an email today from the Mumsnet Blogging network to say they were removing me from their community “Because I don’t fit in”.

Hi Emma
Because The Real Supermum consists mainly of guest blogs, the content and writing can vary quite a lot.

You provide an important platform for your bloggers to talk about things that they mightn’t feel able to discuss elsewhere, and that’s clearly resonated with your bloggers and readers. But after some careful consideration here, we think The Real Supermum isn’t quite right for our network at this time – we do hope you understand, and wish you the very best in continuing to build on the success of your site in the future.

I am sorry that I do not write about what every other mommy blog does. I am sorry that I provide a support network for hundreds of frightened women and I am sorry that I stand strongly and behind them every step of the way.

I will NOT stop offering a safe and self-confidence place for mothers to reach out and ask for support, I will NOT remove any blog posts that mothers have written about their own experiences, as they help so many others.

They are also not guest posts, they are anonymous guest blogs.

I am sorry that depression, mental illness, self harm and abuse are not your normal thing, but it is part of my life and who I am. I will not change my blog or myself for anyone or any blogging platform.

I have faced judgment and have never fitted in anywhere in this world, people like me dont. But people like me care and we strive to fight for others and that is what I and this blog will continue to do.

I guess I am judged again …. By a community that states they support eachother.

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