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Mummy Blogging & PR Pet Hates

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Blog1 Mummy Blogging & PR Pet Hates

I have had the great pleasure of meeting some amazing and inspiring mommy bloggers during my time of blogging and I know all too well how much we pride ourselves and our blog. Blogging is not easy, it takes time and dedication and our blogs become part of our lives. We share our own lives, problems, family and offer support on them in the hope of helping others.

While mommy bloggers are targeted all the time by PR and business companies they are a long way off from actually getting it right.

We are not lazy mothers sat in our pjs behind our laptop screen, OK yes I do 90% of my blogging in my PJs but we are also very shrewd business women too.

I am in a generous mood today so I will play nice and not name names;

An email arrived earlier today from a very well-known catalog company; I am guessing hundreds of other mommy bloggers received this too.

The promise was if I wrote about a certain celebration and linked back to the costumes that this catalog was selling then they would put me in the draw to win one of three costumes they are giving away.

The problem here is;

I do not have any spare time today to research and write you a personal post that will fit in around what you are trying to sell.

You are not going to send me the product to see for myself if it’s worth writing about; I will not advertise products that I cannot add my own personal thoughts on

After emailing back to clarify I cannot do this, I received a reply that I could win one – well I know at least 2,000 mums and dads who blog so the chance of me winning 1 when you only have 3 are pretty slim

Another email with promises of a fantastic guest post, I always welcome guest posts but the problem is the guest posts are written for the business in mind. They are not slightly bothered about my readers of my blog, they are dedicating a whole 500 words to how great they are, while throwing in a few meaningless tips.

I know nothing about you, your product or your company so why would I want to give up a limited slot to advertise for you in return for what?

I am not blogging to make money, I do not want any financial gain but I do want to be spoken to and treat with respect.

Please stop taking mommy blogger for fools because we are not, having children did not mash up our brains. We are here to provide a service and most of us will help you if you actually stop and take us seriously.

The reason you have already contacted us tells us you need us.

Yes I love reviews, if the product actually fits with my blog. I had one PR sk if I would review a penis enlarging thing ? I have never written about the size of my husband’s manhood.

What do you think Mummy Bloggers what is your biggest PR pet hate? 


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