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MUA Lipstick in Juicy

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo

Hey guys :)
There is no doubt that almost everyone is in love with MUA. Right? Their cosmetics are extremely affordable and good quality as well. I am a fan of their lipsticks which only cost £1. They came out with 3 new shades ages back and finally in my Superdrug they were back in stock as everytime I would go to get some there would be non left especially this shade, Juicy (shade 15). I wanted the colour Nectar as well, but yeah, out of stock :(  Any lipstick that has a tinge of orange or peach to it suits my skintone very well so I was really excited to try it this one out!
MUA Lipstick in JuicyMUA Lipstick in JuicyMUA Lipstick in Juicy
I liked this when I swatched it and in the tube as well. It's a very pretty peachy color almost like a very subtle coral. I don't know if it's me but I did find this particular one being almost a different formula compared to the previous shades as it's not as moisturising. It could be because it's a new shade or the fact that it's a light coloured lipstick and nude lipsticks tend to do that. The first time I applied it I had very mixed opinions about it. It didn't go on as well as the other MUA lipsticks that I have. It almost separated on my lips in a way. As much as I love the color in the tube, it looks completely different when I applied it as it looked more pink. But I think that a lipstick looks different on everyone considering we all have a different natural lipcolour. Am I making sense?
Anyways I wanted to make this work so I used a lipscrub and then some Vaseline or my EOS lipbalm and then after 10 minutes I applied it and it worked. Not as well but it did. It's a great everyday color though and it only costs £1 so its still worth buying this as it might just work well for you and your skintone. Plus I think it's good to condition your lips anyways hahaha
Have you guys tried this colour? Any thoughts?
Hareem x

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