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MUA Beauty Balm

By Georginacallen @georginacallen
MUA Beauty Balm
I have had this product for quite a while now and I wasn't actually going to put a post up on it but through a love for BB cream and mixed feelings I kind of wanted to post it to have as a bit of a comparison to the other BB creams I've used. Loreal Revitalift and Garnier. I've used both pretty religiously and would say BB cream is now cemented into my make-up routine weather as a primer or base for good skin days. I love MUA as a brand so was excited when they bought they jumped on the BB bandwagon and bought out this very inexpensive version. It retails for just £4 so is a lot cheaper than many of its counterparts. 
I've used this probably 20+ times now and I keep wanting to fall in love with it - but I can't. My head is telling me its labelled as a BB but my face is saying cheap foundation. This product is so thick it's thicker than probably all of my foundations and offers pretty much full coverage. I have had really bad skin recently so the full coverage has kind of worked for me but it is certainly not a BB cream. I've noticed their website is listing it as a BB foundation now which after just getting my head around the delights of BB creams has totally confused me as to me it is just a foundation I don't think there is anything BB about it. 
You can really feel this product on your face and for me its only exacerbated my skin problems. As I said I have used this a lot now but for me it just hasn't delivered. I'm not sure if as a brand they missed the point of a BB cream which for me means light weight with an almost primer like quality to it. The packaging says Beauty Balm and the website says BB foundation which maybe says to me they've noticed people's full coverage comments and have gone down that route on-line. If I'm going out and I have bad skin I will pop this on because it offers the fullest coverage I own but a lot of buffing does need to take place to ensure a flawless look. 
I know a lot of people have written reviews saying they love this product - obviously as its skin each person will have a different experience but I thought I'd pop mine up for anyone thinking about purchasing a this product in the future as I know I would have found this helpful to read prior to buying. 
Has anyone else bought this? Would love to see your thoughts please pop your links to any reviews below! Intrigued to read different opinions on this.  MUA Beauty Balm

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