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#MTOS Twitter Handle

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
As some of you are aware, we now have a Twitter handle (@MovieTOS). The reason for creating the handle was to give an option to the participants of the event to go about taking part without overcrowding their followers timelines.
Please do read the following points and decide accordingly;
If you feel you tweet a lot during #MTOS and your followers are not liking it, then the best way to avoid overcrowding their timeline would be to give out your answers to @MovieTOS. You may also give them out to the host of the week, but since the host is usually busy, I feel that by overcrowding their timeline would just add more pressure on them.
Example : @MovieTOS A1. I like Star Wars #MTOS
This way the message will be for only @MovieTOS and your followers who are not part of the talk and not following @MovieTOS will not have your message show on their timeline.
I am aware that by adding the handle we are limiting our letter count, but for now it seems like a small price to pay.
It is very important to still put #MTOS at the end, so that everyone who is taking part in the talk sees your answer if they are using the search function, no matter if they follow you or not, as we still want #MTOS to be a way for film people to find each other.
Following @MovieTOS is not compulsory in order to take part in #MTOS. It's just an option.
We would however advise that the HOST please follow @MovieTOS just for the week they are hosting.
Also, if you have not had complaints from your followers, then you may continue as before, as technically that would be the best way.
Or you can always do a few tweets to @MovieTOS and a few as you have been doing before.
@MovieTOS will not be following anyone back. It's just there as a medium to let you tweet without overcrowding the timeline. Both me (@raghavmodi) and Rachel (@askimrach) will still be using our regular Twitter handles for everything else.
This is just an experiment we are trying and if it becomes too confusing or does not work, then at a later date we will scrap it.

On a separate note, I am sure most of you are aware of some of the confrontations that are taking place from time to time during #MTOS. My humble request to each and every participant would be to simply ignore the comments and not give them any attention whatsoever.

Thank you for understanding and we are always eager to hear your views and recommendations.

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