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Mr. Lover Lover

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Mr. Lover Lover

If you know enough about fashion to separate your angora from your ankle boots, then odds are you’ve heard all about Lover. The brand that’s sweeping over Australia like a new brand of Bieber fever, and I have to say, I’m loving it sick.

Devotees to lace and all kinds of feminine fabrics and shit-edgy cuts, Lover. is the brand you’ll want to stock your wardrobe with coming into summer time – what with the balmy evenings and Christmas festivities set to swoop in. Check it, even our very own Miranda Kerr (my personal bestie) is a HUGE fan. Spotted in the Red Serpent Lace dress and rocking it like no-one’s business might I add.

Mr. Lover Lover

So, to tie in with the Christmas spirit I have some merry little news for you! As per the big fluoro sign at the head of this post, Lover. is having a jumble sale with nothing over $150. Can you say ah-maze? It’s all going down this Saturday, 3rd December in Paddington, so all my Sydney people, I strongly advise you get yourselves there. Why not pick yourself up a Christmas treat? I know you’ve all been very well behaved this year after all, right? Yeah, right!

Mr. Lover Lover



Which brand are you loving right now?

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