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Mr. Brainwash

By Foreverlovely @ForeverLovely11
If you are a fan of street art you have surely heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Mr. Brainwash?  His style of graffiti, which features artistically altered famous artistic and historic images, has furthered the street art movement and can be seen on streets around the world.  This French-born artist's work has been showcased and sold in two gallery shows with prices upwards of $100,000 per piece.  Although Mr. Brainwash's artwork has produced numerous fans, there is speculation that his entire persona was concocted as a hoax by Banksy, to celebrate and criticize the over-commercialization of street art.  You can read more about the alleged hoax here, what you believe is entirely up to you...Mr. Brainwash
Mr. BrainwashMr. BrainwashMr. BrainwashMr. BrainwashMr. Brainwash

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