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Mpore: Who Are You? Or the Rwandan Tragedy in Speaking Pictures

Posted on the 02 May 2014 by Therisingcontinent @Ambrosenz

By Jambo ASBL
Translation from French by Ambrose Nzeyimana

I am the ignored victim of RPF attack in 1990
I come from the province of Byumba
Seriously mistreated from day one
But ignored since then

I am the displaced of Nyacyonga
Whose journey didn’t ever stop
With plenty to think about
But not much into the stomach

I am the woman with a deformed face
I climbed in my house ceiling
To escape blood thirsty killers

I am the girl with a dirty body
I discovered sexuality in the hands of a rapist

I am the son of a stranger
My mother did not have any other choice
Except to welcome me

I am the survivor of a genocide
Which took hundred thousands of lives

I am the exiled
Wrongly labelled
My story does not interest no one
Particularly those who made it happen

I am that faceless face
Which has become
A fertilizer
In DRC forests

I am that embryo in my mother womb
Whose breath has stopped

I am that old man
Using his ultimate strength
To escape evil

In their eyes
I am the animal
To be chased

I am that return
But a foreigner in my own country

I am that woman prisoner
Condemned without trial

I am that orphan
Who became prematurely parent

I am the survivor of Kibeho
If I cannot be the witness

I am that suffering
Cracked down because dangerous

I am that deception
Marked with despair

I am that fear
Which calls suspicion

I am that sadness
Hidden behind a false smile

I am the foreigner
In my own country

I am a generation
Unaware of nothing about my origins

I am that voice
Which refuses to keep quiet

I am that memory
Which does not want to forget

I am that truth
Which refuses to fade away

I am all those faces
All at once

I am all those women
All at once

I am all those men
All at once

I am those children
All at once

I am Mpore
Voice of the Voiceless

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