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Moving Tips To Follow For Interstate Relocations

By Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

Moving Tips To Follow For Interstate Relocations
If you have planned to relocate to another state, it is imperative that you pack your belongings carefully and take suitable steps for ensuring their safety. Discard the things that you do not need and cushion all the fragile items using protective equipment. Given below are some guidelines that might help in making your interstate relocation hassle free:

  • As has been stated already, get rid of all the unnecessary possessions. In order to do that, first clean out the closets, storage areas, attic, garage and basement. Sort the collected items under three categories – important things, donations and garbage. You can hold a yard sale for selling off some of the belongings that you know are not required. Give away or use up all flammable items, liquids and things that movers would refuse to take. Do the same with perishable food items.
  • Collect packing materials. You can ask for free boxes from retail stores and liquor shops. Purchase packing tape and bubble wrap from home improvement shops or wholesale clubs in bulk. Cushioning materials like newspapers and big plastic bags can be collected from neighbours and friends. Label all the boxes using permanent markers. Make a list of all the belongings that you are packing.
  • Go through your Home and Contents Insurance policy carefully. It may cover the things that are going to be transported. Recognise the fact that not every moving company will provide insurance directly for transport of goods. You may need to get an additional furniture removals insurance if your existing insurance does not cover for the damage of your goods.
  • While packing the things, separate the ones you will need immediately after arriving at the new place. For instance, keep ready toiletries, a change of clothing, keys and a broom. Also segregate the personal, irreplaceable and confidential items. Handle them yourself instead of asking movers to do so. Keep important paperwork like check books, credit card statements and tax forms in a separate suitcase.
  • Wrap the mattresses and furniture in moving blankets and shrink wraps, and secure using stretchable belts. It would keep them safe from scratches. dirt and dent. Dissemble large or cumbersome items if possible. Be careful while handling the fragile items. Let the clothes be in the dresser drawers.

Besides following the above mentioned tips, you must also consider one more important thing. It is also imperative for you to hire an efficient and reliable moving company. In order to do that, make sure you choose at least three reputed service providers and pick the best one from among them.

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