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Selecting The Right Furniture Storage Company

By Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

Furniture Storage
While shifting their residence from one place to another, many people may feel the need to store their belongings in self storage facilities. But there are a number of factors which must be considered before choosing a company offering that kind of service. Consumers must perform comprehensive research prior to making a final decision.

Let’s have a look at the important considerations one must make for finding the right furniture storage company:


Location of a self storage service providing company is one of the most important things that must be taken into account. This factor can not only affect the price negatively as well as positively, but also help in determining how much secured are the stored items going to be. If the facility is within the city rather than the suburbs, its storage units can be a little bit expensive. However, a facility situated in close proximity can make it easier to go and check the stored items whenever required and thus ensure their safety.


Many companies providing storage solutions in Albany provide various extras to their customers. These extras generally include packing and moving services, packing materials, furniture removal and transportation. Such services can significantly reduce the effort as well as time required for packing up any space. Military personnel or elderly people can greatly benefit from these kind of extras while relocating or shifting to a smaller residence. Extras can sometimes increase the rates, therefore clients must compare their costs and benefits before choosing them.

Customer Service

Customer service is an extremely essential factor to consider while selecting a self storage service providing firm. One can feel very annoying if calls frequently go unanswered, none of the representatives can be reached and the overall service is very bad of a storage company. A good way of finding a business with efficient customer support is to check out testimonials posted on their website. Questions must also be asked to the firm about their security, insurance, service and access.

Other Factors

Not all self storage units are the same, but instead come in different sizes and with additional features. While items stored for a short period of time may not require climate control, most articles would need some form of humidity and temperature control for combating deterioration. Besides that, fire prevention and security must also be considered carefully before leasing a unit.

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