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Moving Tips: Reducing the Stress of Relocation

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

Moving to a new area can be difficult, even if money is no object. Whether relocating for work or pleasure, packing your home and transporting your life to a new locale is stressful. When moving on a tight budget and with limited time, there are a few tips to follow that can reduce the hassle and make the transition much easier.
There is no such thing as too much planning--
While it can seem like overkill, being over organized will only help with any speed bumps that might arise during your relocation. Before you even pack the first box, gathering supplies is essential for a smooth moving process. You should prepare yourself with the following supplies:

• Packing Tape
• Pocket Knife or Razor Blades
• Boxes
• Rope or Twine
• Markers
• Newspaper
• Sheets
• Dollies
• Toolkit
• Blankets and Pillows

While newspapers are an excellent and inexpensive way to keep breakables safe, investing in bubble wrap or foam peanuts may be wise if you have a considerable amount of glassware and a long way to travel.
Think about unpacking while you pack--
While it can be tempting to throw everything in a box and sort it out when you arrive at your new home, you will thank yourself later by planning ahead. Labeling each box after it is packed will help to get your new home in order quickly, giving you time to settle in without worrying about a to-do list.
Labeling each item as follows will help in this process:

• A description of what is in the box (Glassware, Computer Equipment)
• The room the items belong in (Kitchen, Office)
• Fragility of the items inside

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