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Moving Reminders

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP
Moving-MP900386388You have already gone through your detailed moving checklists and have made your moving plans. Here are a few helpful reminders as the big day approaches...
  • Label everything on the side of the box and be specific as to contents, not just room
  • Pack an OPEN FIRST box with essentials like toilet paper, soap & hand towels, water glasses, coffee pot-coffee-cups, box cutters, etc... whatever you MUST have available right away to maintain your sanity
  • Pack an emergency kit to have with you before the moving truck arrives with toilet paper, hand wipes, medications, chargers for your portable electronic devices, pocket knife or box cutter to open your OPEN FIRST and other boxes when they arrive, etc

Here are some things not to forget to address...

  • Utilities - gas, electric, water, trash removal, cable, etc.
  • Services - cleaning, seasonal services such as lawn care, snow removal, etc.
  • Change of address - contact the post office, but don't forget the forwarding order will expire in time; also contact the people who need to know your new address... family & friends, subscriptions, banks, payroll, Social Security, IRS, etc.
  • Driver's license & motor vehicle registration - even if you are just moving down the street don't forget to update your license & motor vehicle registration with your new address... if they don't have your new address you won't get renewal notifications
  • Insurance - obviously you need to take care of your homeowner's insurance, but don't forget other forms of insurance as, medical, life, etc... your new address could even mean a rate change in your auto insurance
  • All things financial - if you will be changing banks, it can be a good idea to open a new account in your new location before you move... transfer any automatic payments to your new account and cancel those that will no longer apply
  • Personal records - collect all records or find out how to have them transferred if needed... including medical, dental, vaccine, veterinarian; carry with you a copy of your eye prescription if you have one; if your child will be changing schools be sure to pick up your child's education portfolio, including immunization records
  • Library books, fitness memberships, clubs, organizations - return all library items and notify them you are moving so they can cancel your card if you will no longer be using their service; some fitness facilities will give you money back for unused portions or will transfer your membership to a facility close to your new home; notify clubs and organizations of your move (community, social, religious, arts, sports, etc), especially if you are paying dues, membership fees, donations, etc.
  • Spare keys and hidden valuables -  don't forget to collect hidden keys or spares left with friends or neighbors...or items of personal value tucked away in a hidden location

Sharlene Hensrud, RE/MAX Results - Email - Minneapolis-St. Paul Relocation Realtor


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