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Moving Diary Day 5- Sighhhhh

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
Getting my stateside driver's license is proving to be a big fail. I lost my temporary license ages ago and now I can not even get a renewal!
I didn't really want to drive much anyway, but I just feel kind of rejected. Punished because I've lived overseas so long almost.
Oh well. I'll keep trying to figure something out.
Today we cleaned out our garage. All that's left to do is get rid of some of the old bikes. We have a scheduled pick up for that.
Also today me and the kids went to Heidelberg on the streetcar. Man streetcar rides compared to 4 years ago is so much easier. We have used the streetcar alot (a lot of times it was drama), we also traveled a lot this in the last 2 years and took many means of public transportation, so they are probably seasoned pros by now.
My youngest love to take the streetcar into town. I remember when he was a baby, we'd play at the fountain on the main square in our town, and whenever he'd hear the streetcar go by he'd run to it every time. That was about every 5 minutes.
Moving Diary Day 5- Sighhhhh
Yes he was dressed like this! There was a fountain and he was all business initially.
We went to town ate lunch wanted to see a good friend but my ever so reliable iphone died and i couldn't contact her as I got lost and it was raining and the kids were getting annoyed with how clueless mommy was.
Tomorrow we are completing the sales of our lamps (220V) and our coffee machine (also 220V). I also get to see another friend who was stationed with me when I was in the military. So cool. Happy to see her again.
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